Affiliate Program FAQ

Our Affiliate Program provides approved affiliates with the opportunity to earn attractive commissions by displaying our advertising and referral links to their audience. When referred individuals sign up for IronSocket services, the affiliate who made the referral earns 40% of the revenue received by IronSocket in the initial transaction. Even better, affiliates receive 20% of all future (recurring) payments made by subscribers they referred to IronSocket ...for life**. It's a true win-win deal for all parties.
The IronSocket Affiliate Program can provide you with a source of additional income and provide true value to your audience by offering them a premium VPN service at an attractive and discounted rate.
Within the guidelines of the program terms, to promote, promote, promote! Spread the good news about IronSocket. In our mind, an active affiliate is actively driving potential customers to our website. We work hand-in-hand with our affiliate "partners", offering a library of catchy creative advertising banners as well as attractive discount coupon codes to help drive success for both sides.
Nope. All you need is an audience. Anyone with a popular website, blog, Facebook/Google+ page, Twitter following, YouTube account or podcast can be an IronSocket affiliate. Not sure if you qualify? Click here to send us a message and find out.
Click here to register for our affiliate program with HasOffers, the most trusted name in real-time affiliate tracking. Create an account and you're ready to start earning money. You will have access to our marketing materials and various coupon incentives.
We offer an extremely generous and competitive commission rate. Our affiliates get paid 40% for every initial conversion and receive 20% on subsequent subscription renewals. We have an excellent record of customer retention so you can sit back and watch the money roll in. Affiliates generating excellent conversion volume can earn performance-based incentives and bonuses.
There are no conversion caps and no limits to the amount of money you can make. The more customers you refer, the more money you earn. Just send them our way and we'll do the rest.
We are happy to discuss and work together to provide you with the best possible assets, including custom coupon codes. Please contact your dedicated affiliate representative here.
The IronSocket Affiliate Program is powered by HasOffers, the most trusted name in real-time affiliate tracking. Their platform provides affiliates with real-time conversion tracking, as well as a wide range of marketing assets including banners, email copy and landing pages.
Yes! Our program provides real-time tracking with 99.99% uptime via the HasOffers platform!
We provide highly optimized landing pages, banner ads, email copy and custom coupons. Our marketing team is also ready to work with you on custom creatives that better target your audience.
Simply register for IronSocket's affiliate program powered by HasOffers to access your unique URL link. Click here to get started.
Our policies regarding affiliate links are to ensure affiliate links going to IronSocket are not coming from "bad neighborhoods" or "spam" in the eyes of Google and other search engines and that affiliates are not infringing the intellectual property of others, including IronSocket itself.

We do not want our company's reputation tarnished or damaged by such practices. To provide a partial list of prohibited acts:

- Links from our affiliates must not be created using automated programs

- Links cannot originate from "bad neighborhoods" (sites about pornography, narcotics, racism etc.)

- Do not "spam" your affiliate links

- Do not post an affiliate link to a 3rd party website that you cannot remove if needed to

- You must use only approved advertising materials provided by IronSocket

- You may not bid on certain keywords including any usage of our trademarks, brands, and any confusingly similar phrase

We do perform backlink audits on our affiliates to ensure our policy is being followed. We expect our affiliates to familiarize themselves with (and adhere to) our posted Terms of Use.
We offer a 90 Day cookie life on all traffic you send. This means that if your referral doesn't make a purchase on their first visit to IronSocket but returns again within the 90 day window and purchases services, you still earn the full commission amount.
We support major payment options such as PayPal, BitCoin and Wire Transfer. All payments are made on a Monthly Net 15 basis once of the amount due is equal to or greater than $50 USD. Wire Transfers have different minimums dependent on location so if that's your chosen method of payment, please enquire by contacting us.
No, we're afraid not. But there's no rule against getting friends and family to sign-up using your referral link. In fact, we encourage it as we believe word-of-mouth is our best form of advertising.
All new qualified affiliates are provided with all-access IronSocket VPN and Proxy log-ins to test and enjoy our services. We firmly believe that once you experience the value for yourself, you'll be even more excited to share it with your audience. With that said, to retain your free account you must remain active in promoting the IronSocket brand.
We offer a 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all new subscriptions. If a referral requests a refund during that period, the commission due to the affiliate is also no longer valid. The good news is we have an excellent record of retaining customers through the "refundable period" and are continuously improving our services, benefits and technology to present unbelievable value.
Please review our complete Affiliate Program Terms of Use here.
Your dedicated affiliate manager is always available to answer any questions you might have. Send us a message by clicking here. We are happy to assist you.